Desigo Mass Notification

When seconds matter, an integrated mass notification solution is critical to effective emergency response.

It's often difficult to reach and account for people during an unexpected crises. Without a proper emergency mass notification solution, alerting people could waste critical response time, as incidents are unpredictable and standard methods of deployment generally require the use of many disparate systems.

Desigo Mass Notification Centralized Command Control Center

How can you help protect your people and business when disaster strikes?

Many of today’s facilities utilize a variety of systems to monitor and manage operations and emergency communications. These systems often cannot communicate with each other, and most require a high level of human interaction—and these factors can increase the risk of human error and increase response time. In the end, managing too many disparate systems impedes your ability to respond effectively in an emergency.

But with a comprehensive mass notification solution such as Desigo Mass Notification, you get centralized command and control to effectively respond to any emergency.

Higher Education


Local Government

To protect students, faculty, and staff, academic institutions rely on:

Multi-modal emergency messages targeted to the different groups and locations on campus

Alerts for fire and evacuation requirements throughout campus, whether inside, such as dorms and libraries, or outside, such as stadiums and common areas

Hospitals and medical facilities face diverse threats, making mass notification solutions critical to achieving:

Situational awareness, such as during active shooter emergencies, chemical/hazardous material spills, and more

Multi-modal emergency communications during lockdown situations that can overcome cell phone “dead zones”

For local governments, mass notification systems enable:

Improved safety and security of citizens with cost-effective solutions that leverage existing technologies

Immediate, effective targeting of messages throughout courthouses, police and fire departments, libraries, and more

How should you select a mass notification system for your facility or campus?

Although a variety of mass notification systems are available on the market today, choosing the most effective solution for your facility or campus should start with these criteria:

  • Reach a mass audience with timely, life-saving information

  • Target zones, buildings, groups, or individuals with customized information based on their location or role

  • Integrate with existing systems to optimize prior and future system investments

  • Streamline and simplify the alert process

  • Use a layered, multi-mode approach to reach people, regardless of their current location – inside, outside, at your side

  • Adapt to your needs and grow with technological advancements

Desigo Mass Notification - An Integrated, Layered Approach

A mass notification solution (MNS) that leverages today's technologies gets the message through to the right people, at the right time, no matter where they are or what they are doing.

You don’t have to limit your use of Desigo Mass Notification to emergencies, either. Our MNS can easily handle routine communications, such as announcing special events, too.

A comprehensive MNS includes a full range of communication tactics that actively interrupts recipients with targeted, customized messages

Desigo Mass Notification - Initiate, Designate, Communicate


Desigo Mass Notification - Timely Response When You Need One

Our “easy button” approach lets you quickly and easily formulate effective responses. With configurable easy button commands, operators have a consistent, clear user interface to initiate outgoing messages with the push of a button. You can also receive step-by-step guidance to help ensure compliance with the company’s emergency response plan, letting you respond calmly and confidently, putting every second to good use.

Leverage and integrate existing infrastructure for improved safety, security, and control Desigo Mass Notification is based on the Desigo CC Total Building Solutions platform from Siemens.

The result is a centralized, customizable solution that can integrate and streamline multiple disciplines ‒ from fire safety to building automation and security.

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