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Ready to learn more about creating the perfect place to learn?

Siemens has created partnerships with K-12 schools around the country—helping them become safer, more productive, and energy efficient institutions. Contact us today.

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Adventures in learning begin in safe, comfortable classrooms.

As your students tackle complex subjects, your facility faces challenges of its own. But when you create a safe, secure, and comfortable learning environment, students can do their best learning and apply it to the world around them.

A perfect place for learning is one where students, staff and faculty feel safe and secure and can focus on the core mission of education. Creating this environment is becoming a bigger challenge, and a bigger responsibility, every day. As your partner in education, we bring a dedicated focus to help you create the right strategies and technologies to deliver confidence and peace of mind to everyone in your school.

Our world has undergone dramatic changes, requiring new types of workers with new types of schools. Educators at Pine Grove Middle School in New York changed its teaching methods to meet the needs of this new world… less instruction. More imagination. They needed the perfect place to for students to concentrate, collaborate, and thrive, and they found that place in partnership with Siemens.

The relationship between the educators at Pine Grove and Siemens isn’t simply that of customer and supplier. And the scope of the work didn’t end with the installation of the last piece of technology. Siemens is a true partner to Pine Grove and works with the administration, educators and community for the entire district. Listening. Advising. Exploring. In areas that impact not just the building, but the students and teachers, too. Because just as a child isn’t educated overnight, there’s something else that needs to be long term, too. Partnership.

Our world is changing faster than ever, and the pace of change will only increase.
It’s a fact of life and an added challenge for K-12 educators. How can we prepare our
students for the jobs of tomorrow, when we’re less certain of what those jobs will be?
Looking at education differently means looking at our school buildings differently.

Bright minds flourish in smart classrooms.

With a comprehensive portfolio of intelligent, customizable solutions for K-12 schools, the Building Technologies Division of Siemens can help you create a perfect place for learning. Ensure your infrastructure operates efficiently, take advantage of STREAM learning opportunities for your students, and find financing options that help promote a positive cash flow for your district.

  • Adlai E. Stevenson High School

    “Over the years, since energy costs increase, sustainability became an issue and concern. We did a carbon footprint, and used that to help guide our goals to reduce natural gas and electrical usage.” —Merv Roberts | School Board Member

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  • Anchorage, Alaska School District

    “Great things can happen so quickly and successfully when you have collaboration. When you bring the local community, businesses, schools, and the university together, it creates a sustainable model.” ~Cheryl Guyett, Principal, Dimond High School

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  • Oxford Hills School District

    “Provide diverse, demanding and high quality educational opportunities within a safe environment.”
    - Oxford Hills School District mission statement

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  • San Dieguito Union HS District

    “Because of the success of our district-wide master facilities plan and our relationship with Siemens, we look forward to continuing our partnership to develop sustainable, high-performance buildings.”  ~John Addleman, Dir., Planning / Financial  Mgmt.

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  • Schaumburg District 54

    “It’s been exceeding our expectations. Avoided expenses and operational savings for all six phases is more than $1.6 million annually.”
    - Ric King, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services

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Many of today’s schools face infrastructure challenges and rising energy costs. Lack of capital and little appetite to take on debt can make improving our schools seem an insurmountable challenge. But by working with Siemens, more and more of today's school districts are funding their futures with energy saving improvement projects.

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We at Siemens want to inspire young minds with STREAM programs that advance critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving. Our SustainU program is helping our next generation of leaders think big.

Siemens has created partnerships with K-12 schools around the country—helping them become safer, more productive, and energy efficient institutions. Contact our team today.

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