Siveillance Vantage - A Command and Control Solution for Critical Infrastructure and Campus Environments

Siveillance™ Vantage is a command and control solution, specifically designed to support security management at critical infrastructure sites such as ports, airports, oil and gas power generation and distribution, chemical and pharma industries, heavy industries and campus environments. Using innovative software, Siveillance Vantage not only ties together all the sub-systems currently used to protect and manage your site, but it also allows you to customize and integrate security policies and procedures.

Open and Flexible Integration on One Security Platform

Using open and flexible architecture, Siveillance Vantage interacts with multiple safety and security systems such as: access control, video surveillance, fire alarm systems, communication systems, etc. These sub-systems are traditionally run independently from each other or as inter-related systems. Their consolidation onto one platform provides security managers with an enhanced situational awareness, streamlined operations, and provides faster response coordination.

Siveillance Vantage improves situational awareness and control of your site by integrating and consolidating information from all sub-systems

Intuitive Graphical Interface

Siveillance Vantage is a command and control solution that uses a graphical user interface to display information including incident location and the actual position of the resources via Graphical Information System (GIS) in 2D. Building and floor plans are available to provide further clarity.

Implementation of Security Policies and Role-based User Concept

Siveillance Vantage fully conforms to the specific corporate security policies, defining appropriate actions and counter measures for managing daily routines, time-critical processes, crisis and emergency situations. Additionally, the security platform provides a role-based user concept and allows for operators in their individual area of responsibility to flexibly connect via Internet with low bandwidth requirements.

Integrated Computer-aided Dispatch of Response Forces

Siveillance Vantage fully supports dispatch and management of forces such as security guards, fire brigades, medical aid or service engineers to respond to an event. Furthermore, Siveillance Vantage supports various means of communication between the command and control center and the forces.

Logging of All Events and Activities

Siveillance Vantage encompasses an event logging and reporting function, which allows consistent reviews to optimize and improve security policies.

Siveillance Vantage Highlights

  • Scalable and flexible command and control solutions for various critical infrastructures

  • Workflow-based decision support increases effectiveness while minimizing errors

  • The security platform can be fully adaptated to customer's requirements

  • Highest reliability with proven redundancy concepts avoiding downtime

  • Easy operation through web-based user interface and graphical visualization

  • Command and control solution that offers seamless integration of different alarm systems

  • Integrated Computer-Aided Dispatch functionality

  • Integrated telephone and radio communication

  • Complete service portfolio to support you throughout the entire life cycle

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