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Learn more about creating the perfect place for students, faculty, and staff.

Contact our team to learn more about how a partnership with Siemens can transform your campus and create the perfect place to learn, teach, research, and excel.

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Creating Perfect Places for students, faculty, and staff

The right environment for learning can lead to great things. Students focus on learning and exploring their future. The institution adheres to its mission. Parents rest easy.  A campus environment that’s safe, secure and comfortable, while being energy efficient and sustainable, opens possibilities and creates opportunities.

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Together, we help create the perfect place to teach and learn and for students to reach their potential.

We strive to be a partner to colleges and universities, and positively contribute to your strategic objective and core priorities.

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Find resilient, sustainable solutions to enhance your status.

Did you know that the average deferred maintenance backlog for campus buildings has grown to over $100/gsf, posing budgetary, reliability, and enrollment risk to many institutions of higher education?

Leading institutions recognize the value of their facilities and campus environment in attracting, retaining, and teaching students. Investing in a modern, safe, energy-efficient, and student-friendly campus can pay dividends.

A phased approach to Campus Transformation means that improvements can be designed and implemented around each school’s master plan and budget, while enriching the campus with living laboratories, student engagement opportunities, and sustainability showcases. The right partnership will integrate sustainability education and workforce development with infrastructure improvements and energy optimization.

As a strategic partner to more than 800 higher education institutions across the U.S. and Canada, Siemens is widely recognized for its approach to campus transformation. We can help transform your campus environment to address your triple bottom line objectives. By focusing on infrastructure upgrades, operational efficiency, and distributed energy, Siemens helps drive out costs, address deferred maintenance, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Siemens first-hand experience combined with industry-leading technologies, solutions, and financing options can help you overcome your on-campus challenges while realizing your long-term vision.

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Siemens brings global experience, advanced technologies, and financial innovation to your campus.

Creating the Perfect Place™ to teach learn and provide healthcare for the community

University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) is the primary healthcare teaching campus for students to receive undergraduate and graduate degrees in the schools of dentistry, nursing, and medicine such as physician assistants, pharmacy, and other health professionals such as biomedical, physical therapy, and speech and hearing therapy. Located in the heart of downtown Memphis, the University has partnered with Siemens and made substantial investments in safety and security technologies, as well as improving infrastructure through HVAC improvements, energy efficiency and more throughout the campus.

Madonna University

Madonna University, near Detroit, Michigan, partnered with Siemens to implement sustainability programs that will maximize student learning in a comfortable, safe, and quiet atmosphere.

Columbia International University (CIU)

A faith-based, private institution of higher education, Columbia International University (CIU), sits at the highest peak in Columbia, SC overlooking the Broad River.CIU partnered with Siemens to develop a roadmap to overcome their dated infrastructure and HVAC challenges, a limited budget, and deferred maintenance issues. They wanted to deliver a student experience that aligns with their mission as an institution.

  • Algonquin College of Applied Arts in Technology

    “We wanted a strategic partner to help us educate, operate, collaborate, and innovate for a clean energy future.”  ~John Tattersall, Director of Physical Resources

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  • Concordia University

    “The performance contract allowed us to move forward and address a lot of deferred maintenance items…things that aren’t glamorous but are certainly necessary for a 100-year-old institution to repair.” ~David Kumm, Executive Vice President

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  • Florida Institute of Technology

    “We chose Siemens for both its technical expertise and its financial acumen. It was the perfect combination.”  Anthony Catanese, Ph.D., President, Florida Institute of Technology

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  • Gulf Coast State College

    “It’s nice to be able to do something that makes sense financially, yet at the same time provides comfort to our students, faculty, and staff.” ~John Mercer, VP of Administration and Finance

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  • Lakeland Community College

    “Siemens really understood what we were trying to accomplish on our campus. You get a lot of companies that try to sell their product, but what Siemens did was understand our overall goal.” ~Mike Mayer, SVP for Administrative Services

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  • LaSalle University

    “The new systems make our organization a lot more efficient in delivering the services we are trying to provide for students and faculty.” ~Robert Kroh, Asst. VP, Facilities Management and Capital Development

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  • Southern Methodist University

    “We needed someone who would share our vision and our sincere ambition toward real modernization.  At SMU, we are laying the foundation for the campus of the future.” -  Philip Jabour, AVP Facilities and University Architect

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  • St. Clair County Comm. College

    “The typical student question is ‘when am I ever going to use this information?’ With what we’ve done in partnership with Siemens, students aren’t asking that question anymore.”  -Denise McNeil, Vice President of Academic Services

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  • Stephen F. Austin State University
    “Ultimately, our role is to promote the academic mission of this university and this has given us the opportunity to better do that.” 
    - Danny Gallant, SFA’s vice president for finance and administration

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  • Tallahassee Community College

    “We can now overhaul the heating and cooling systems and the lighting throughout the main campus and our service centers, and lay the groundwork for future students.”  Barbara Wills, Chief Business Officer

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  • Texas A&M University

    “The net result is that Texas A&M will have buildings that are better able to meet the requirements of the occupants.” ~Les Williams, Associate Director, Utilities and Energy Management

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  • University of Central Florida

    "We want to train students so they are prepared for the future. At the same time we are going to do that research.” - Zhihua Qu, Chair of UCF’s Electrical Engineering Department

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  • University of Louisville

    “The partnership has saved the university $12.9 million in energy costs in just over four years and has paid even larger economic dividends for the region” – President James Ramsay

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  • University of New Hampshire

    UNH chose Siemens as a cogeneration partner to meet their objectives of efficient, low cost, reliable, clean and fuel-flexible energy supplies.

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  • University of San Diego

    USD transformed its campus into a leading example of how implementing sustainability and water saving initiatives can create real financial value for the university.

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  • Xavier University

    After Hurricane Katrina devastated its facilities, Xavier University worked together with Siemens to transform the campus and create the perfect place for students to grow and succeed.

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Since its founding in 1949, the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory—a research unit of Columbia University located 15 miles north of the campus on a forested 157 acres overlooking the Hudson River—has facilitated the study of the complex environmental issues facing the planet, with a focus on sustainable development. Now, appropriately, its use of solar power is crucial to a university-wide goal of reducing carbon emissions by 35 percent in the next three years.

Last summer, work was completed on two solar arrays, each located on farmland northwest of the campus (to prevent having to cut down acres of trees at LDEO) owned, operated and managed by AES Distributed Energy. By entering a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contract, Columbia was able to design, finance and install solar generation where the cost of the system is funded by the energy savings resulting from the overall project, allowing the university to have the renewable generation solution at no upfront capital cost.

Designed by Siemens, this state-of-the-art system will provide LDEO with 5.8MW of solar power, enough to meet 75 percent of the campus’ electrical needs and to trim its energy costs by up to $200,000 annually. Not only does the system reduce Columbia’s carbon footprint, but it also provides a valuable income source to the working farmers of upstate N.Y.

On-site energy solutions put power and control in your hands

On-site energy solutions, as part of a Total Energy Management approach, offer a better way to proactively manage energy on your campus. Transform your institution from a passive consumer of power to an active prosumer. Siemens’ team of energy experts can develop and implement a distributed energy strategy to more effectively manage budgetary, sustainability, resiliency, and stakeholder engagement objectives.

On-site Energy for Higher Education

On-site Energy Solutions

Download the white paper to discover more!

 Download the White Paper

Strategic approach to energy across the board.

Total Energy Management is a strategic approach to the integrated management of campus energy consumption, production and procurement.  Siemens offers industry leading expertise and solutions across the spectrum of  “Reduce - Produce -Procure”, as well as effective integration strategies and big data management systems. Campuses offer the ideal environment to realize the benefits of Total Energy Management.

Read to learn more about creating the perfect place for students, faculty, and staff.

Contact our team to learn more about how a partnership with Siemens can transform your campus and create the perfect place to learn, teach, research, and excel.

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