Food & Beverage

Solutions for Your Successful Food and Beverage Environments

Achieve higher levels of product safety, quality, productivity and profitability.

Improve Productivity and Reduce Costs

Your efficient operation has an impact on your bottom line.  Our flexible solutions, powered by our APOGEE building automation system, minimize system maintenance and take human error out of the equation to improve productivity.  APOGEE integrates your critical operations with the entire building's systems for a facility-wide solution.  Automated monitoring, tracking, and reporting through product and materials are maintained within acceptable environmental limits without the time consuming tasks of manually monitoring and recording conditions.

Our validation and ongoing maintenance services keep your systems up and running smoothly preventing expensive downtime. 

Ensure Product Safety and Quality

Our APOGEE building automation system allows precise adjustment of temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions.  The system automatically monitors and maintains airflow, ventilation and pressurization conditions for peak performance, minimizing the risk of contamination.  For added safety, our advanced paging, alarm and life safety features notify you immediately of potential emergencies.

A dedicated team of Siemens technicians will maintain and optimize your critical systems to ensure ongoing reliability.  This helps you avoid disruption to your operations, and the costs associated with corrective actions and programs. 

Maximize Energy Efficiency

Whatever your energy-efficiency goals, Siemens will help you define, measure and meet them. Using our APOGEE building automation system you can even reduce energy usage by as much as 30-50% and dramatically lower operating costs.

Other energy optimization measures such as duct pressure reset and occupied/unoccupied mode sensors can all be controlled through our APOGEE building automation system.  And, custom-tailored ventilation and lighting can lower the cost to build critical spaces and reduce maintenance expenses.   

Scalable Building Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Our solutions are backed by years of expertise in regulated manufacturing, laboratory, critical storage and warehousing environments. 

From planning and design through instillation and commissioning, we provide the systems, services and resources to ensure your facilities are safe, efficient, cost-effective and compliant. 

Siemens Building Technologies will work with you to create a customized building solution that combines advanced automation technology with extensive industry expertise, and helps you safeguard your products, processes and people, as well as your good reputation.   

Siemens Energy Services End-to-End Solution

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