MXL to FireFinder XLS Migration FAQs

I have an MXL system. How do I know if it is a good candidate for migration?

A number of factors are taken into consideration when deciding whether a system is eligible for migration. An authorized Siemens migration expert can evaluate your system and determine its suitability for migration. In general most systems older than 10 years are prime candidates. If you would like your system evaluated please contact us at

Can I migrate a system that includes voice?

Yes.  Voice migration comes in two forms: Standalone MXL systems and Networked MXL systems.  Standalone systems can be easily migrated to the FireFinder XLS.  Networked MXL systems can also be migrated but customers will need to evaluate their audio risers since the FireFinder XLS cannot use shielded analogue audio risers for voice communication.  Furthermore, XLS requires two pairs of wire for voice communication.  MXL systems using global paging or RCM solutions will need to contact application engineering to determine the final XLS migrated solution.

What if I have a system of networked MXLs?

Networked MXL systems can be migrated to XLS but careful planning is required.  This is because interpanel logic is between MXL and XLS is not yet supported so customers have to consider migrating all panels at once until interpanel logic is available.

I am happy with my system’s performance. Why should I migrate?

As a fire system ages, it becomes more expensive to service and repair when necessary. The MXL to FireFinder XLS Total Migration Solution extends the investment in MXL equipment and devices by allowing reuse of MXL equipment. The migrated panel is powered by the faster processor of the FireFinder XLS and supports more advanced features and the latest in life safety advances. Plus, as the platform for future development, emerging technologies will be based on the FireFinder XLS.

Do I have to get new detectors?

No, the MXL to FireFinder XLS Total Migration Solution is compatible with MXL devices. However, the upgraded system is compatible with the broader Siemens detection portfolio and can accommodate multicriteria detectors as well as detectors with more precisely defined detection profiles and requiring less power.

What if my MXL system includes a VESDA interface?

It is possible to migrate an MXL-IQ that includes VESDA detectors. The VESDA High Level Interface allows up to 2500 VESDA detectors to be connected to a single FireFinder XLS panel. The interface supports smoke detection, emergency voice evacuation and smoke control all on the same FireFinder XLS.

Will I have to make a new cutout for the FireFinder XLS?

No, the MXL to FireFinder XLS Total Migration Solution does not require a new cutout in the wall. During migration the electronics package for the FireFinder XLS can fit in the MXL backbox with the use of special adapter plates.

How long does migration take? Will my business operations be impacted?

Because the MXL to FireFinder XLS Total Migration solution supports the reuse of the existing backbox as well as devices and even some wiring, with proper planning and preprogramming, the physical migration can be achieved in as little as a day.

How can I be sure this will work?

Hundreds of panels have already been successfully migrated to the delight of customers who now have access to the latest in life safety advances.

I have a question not answered here?

If you don’t see your question answered here, contact us. One of our migration experts would be more than happy to get back to you. Just email your question to

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