MXL® to FireFinder® XLS Migration Solution

The MXL to FireFinder XLS Total Migration Solution provides a flexible modernization solution for MXL system owners. Upgrade all panels at once or in a phased approach. Upgrade just the panels or take advantage of advanced detection options that are compatible with the upgraded system. The possibilities are endless. Extend your investment in equipment and get a faster more powerful system compatible with the latest detection and life safety advances.

Economical and Effective

Siemens MME-3 with Adaptor - Siemens FireFinder XLS

  • Can reduce the costs associated with servicing an older system

  • Designed with cost efficiency and business continuity in mind

  • Upgraded system works with legacy devices and provides enhanced features

Video: Simple steps involved in the modernization of an MXL system.

Fire system migration is a cost effective alternative to total system retrofit. The MXL to FireFinder XLS total system migration lets you upgrade to the more advanced technology of the FireFinder XLS while reusing existing MXL assets and devices.

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