Fire Alarm System Expansion and Migration

Time doesn’t stand still, especially in the world of fire safety technology. Even the best technology can become obsolete over time. Ignoring this fact can have negative implications for the safety of your people and the productivity of your company. False alarms, shut-downs and failures, loss of operational continuity, costly and unscheduled system replacements and rising service costs are just a few implications of obsolete equipment.

Siemens is your source for all of your fire alarm system expansion needs. Nobody understands fire safety better or is better equipped to handle the life cycle of your fire alarm system, from leveraging your existing infrastructure investment to providing comprehensive support services that fit your technical requirements and budget.

Siemens offers:

  • No false alarms guarantee

  • Increased EMI-immunity

  • Cost-saving approach

  • Customizable service plans

Siemens offers flexible modernization plans for the life cycle of your fire alarm system from assessment and identification through consultation and recommendations to implementation. Find out more about our system expansion and migration offerings for Siemens as well as non-Siemens fire alarm systems.

Fire and Life Safety System Migration Services: Non-Siemens Products

Non-Siemens System Migration Services

Upgrade your fire alarm system to the latest Siemens technologies for improved reliability and lower maintenance costs.

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