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Every business relies on valuable assets that are at risk of damage from a fire when only protected by water alone. Most facilities are protected only by a pre-action sprinkler system as required by code. Sprinkler systems are great at containing a fire and ensuring life safety and structural integrity in case of a fire, but in order for these systems to release water there must be enough heat to activate the sprinkler thus the fire continues to grow causing more and more damage to your valuable assets. Once the sprinkler system releases water it rains down on other assets in close proximity causing additional damage beyond what the fire originally had done. We have innovated Fire Suppression Solutions for true added protection when you need to ensure the safety of your assets and overall business continuity.


A Sinorix™ Waterless Fire Extinguishing system will extinguish a fire before it becomes large enough to activate the sprinkler system. Waterless Extinguishing is designed to protect critical assets and irreplaceable items inside the building — from fire as well as damage caused by water.

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