Notification Appliances and Fire System Accessories to Complete Your Fire System Design

Notification Appliances

Notification Appliances are available for indoor and outdoor applications for both fire and mass notification. Siemens offers a variety of regulated and special application notification appliances in the form of horns, strobes, bells, chimes, speakers and combination appliances. Notification appliances are also available in weatherproof and vandal-resistant models. Strobes are offered in low-intensity and high intensity options.

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Indoor Audible Strobe

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Outdoor Horn Loudspeaker

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MNS Alert Strobe

Auxiliary Power Supplies and Other Fire System Accessories

The Siemens portfolio of fire products includes system accessories such as auxiliary power supplies, battery brackets, printers, and fire door holders.

The auxiliary power supply is designed to provide the extra power required in buildings conforming to the Americans with Disabilities Act. It also provides auxiliary output for driving other portions of the fire alarm system such as fire door holders.

Siemens fire door holders provide automatic control over fire doors directly from the fire control panels The door holders keep the fire doors open via magnetic attraction. When a fire is detected, the control panel causes the doors to be released automatically. This provides fail-safe operation for protection against the spread of fire and smoke.

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