Management Stations

Management stations provide advanced graphics and a central point of annunciation for networked life safety systems. Multiple management stations can be networked together to support communication between buildings. Management stations allow communication over a distance and are particularly useful in campus and high-rise applications or when advanced graphics are desired. They also allow for more sophisticated interactions than are possible through the panel interface alone.

Cerberus™ DMS

Discover more about Siemens Cerberus DMS

Installed by authorized Siemens distributors. Cerberus DMS is compatible with Cerberus™ PRO, FireFinder® XLS and MXL® fire systems as well as certain IP video cameras. Cerberus DMS offers reliable danger management.

Desigo™ CC

Discover Siemens Desigo CC Management Station

Installed by Siemens regional branches, Desigo CC is compatible with Desigo™ Fire Safety, FireFinder® XLS, and MXL® fire systems as well Apogee building automation systems. Desigo CC provides the option of total building system management.


Discover the Siemens NCC-WAN Management Station

For complex and campus networks. NCC-WAN can be installed and maintained by either a Siemens regional branch or an authorized Siemens distributor. NCC-WAN is compatible with MXL® and FireFinder® XLS fire systems.

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