Campus and Other Large Networks

The Network Command Center (NCC) is a Windows®-based, color-display and control-software package for use with the Siemens FireFinder® XLS and MXL fire-alarm control panels. NCC-WAN is appropriate for campus and other large networks consisting of more than 63 networked panels.


Monitoring and Control for Multiple Systems

NCC-WAN supports monitoring and control for different types of systems.

  • Communication to System 3 panels

  • Communication with conventional panels via WAIO

  • Command and control of MXL and FireFinder XLS panels

  • Monitoring and control of non-Siemens fire panels via WAIO

NCC-WAN displaying alarms and troubles from networked VESDA detectors

Key Features and Functions

NCC-WAN has many features that make managing your networked fire panels easier.

  • Supports networked and / or standalone systems

  • Simultaneous text and graphics mode

  • Unlimited device-graphic zoom levels

  • Time-based command generation

  • Built-in graphics editor

  • Event-type display by color and icon

  • Icon editor

  • Individual-device control (arm / disarm)

  • Context-sensitive help hypertext

  • User-definable macro commands

  • Supervised logging and graphics printers

  • Custom-device messages

  • Multi-level password protection

  • System-backup capacity indicator

  • Web interface

  • Automatic graphics printing based on event type

  • Multiple filters for concise history-report generationText


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