Desigo® CC

Precise, efficient building control

Desigo CC is a management station platform that provides centralized monitoring and control of integrated building automation and fire safety systems. It has an intuitive user interface that guides users through common workflows and provides one click access to all related information associated with the selected object. Desigo CC can be personalized to accommodate the preferences of multiple users or configured to meet the diverse needs of users with different access levels.

Desigo CC fire application

Desigo CC is the management station for Desigo™ Fire Safety fire alarm control panels. The platform can accommodate networks of Desigo Fire Safety, MXL® and FireFinder® XLS systems. It is UL approved and offers a choice of two customizable hardware platforms. Desigo CC streamlines vital aspects of life safety management, such as managing fire systems and video surveillance cameras.

Integrated video cameras provide real-time views of critical events, allowing users to verify events and respond with a higher level of information. Desigo CC also offers the option of remote notification, allowing stakeholders to stay informed of events and their status. System status is accessible at any time using remote view that allows remote access via web interface.

Integrated control of key building systems

Desigo CC workstation software provides a graphical approach to manage and control a facility from a flexible, easy-to-use interface. A facility's comfort and life safety systems can be maninged through a single, easy to learn interface. Desigo CC provides facility-wide efficiencies, cost effective information sharing, and event management. It takes management stations to a new level, and is redefining the way building information is accessed.

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