Making building protection smarter, easier, and more flexible: Cerberus® DMS

When there’s a life safety or security event in your facility, the last thing you need is unreliable information coming from a range of disparate sources. Instead, you need easy-to-use solutions that let you respond to life safety and security events confidently, quickly, and reliably—and that’s true whether you manage a simple fire system or a complex industrial site.

Managing your fire safety and video surveillance systems doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, with Cerberus DMS, you now have the power to respond to events with integrated and harmonized workflows from a single user interface. You’ll get a quick and focused overview of every situation and fail-proof operation of the connected fire safety and video surveillance systems.

Easy to use and operate, Cerberus DMS shares information between your fire and video surveillance systems to give you enhanced situational awareness and simplified event treatment. You’ll receive remote notifications of events by email, SMS, and pager, and can access your station remotely with a web-based interface or with our mobile app.

Based on leading technology from Siemens, Cerberus DMS is designed to work with your system today and to grow and adapt with you as your needs and facility change. Flexible licensing lets facilities of any size begin to take advantage of cost-effective command and control capabilities for all Siemens Fire Panels, including Cerberus PRO, Cerberus PRO Modular, and Siemens legacy systems.

If you’re ready to start your next fire & life safety project, call Siemens Customer Service at (800) 262-7976. We’ll help you discover the right solution for your needs and connect you with the Solution Partner in your area.

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