Cerberus™ DMS

The next generation in life safety management

Cerberus DMS streamlines vital aspects of life safety management, such as managing fire systems and video surveillance cameras.It uses a pane-based window system so important information is never out of sight.

Manage networked Siemens fire panels

Cerberus DMS provides centralized control of networked Siemens Cerberus™ PRO, FireFinder® XLS and MXL® fire panels. The integration of video cameras provides an added level of verification by providding real-time visual information to allow a more informed response to events..

Customize for smarter life safety management

Flexible views, flexible configurations

Cerberus DMS can be configured to meet the needs of of multiple users with different permissions and preferences. Individuals are presented with their preferred views and saved settings. Whether a user choose to view the system from a whole building level or to drill down to an individual device, all relevant information will be in view with the most critival information on top.

Information where and when it's needed

Cerberus DMS "learns" a user's behaviors so it can anticpate and offer required information based on past actions. It also offers the option of remote notification, allowing stakeholders to stay informed of events and their status. They can also use remote viewing to see what’s happening  with remote access via a web interface.

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