TXR-320 Conventional Panel

TXR-320 Fire Panel

The TXR-320 is the newest member of the Siemens Fire Safety family of fire alarm control systems. Configurable for single-hazard and dual-hazard applications, the TXR-320 releases sprinkler services and/or Sinorix™ agent release systems. Additionally, the special release activation design within the panel prevents false dumps. The TXR-320 is the first conventional releasing panel to leverage the benefits of the new Siemens Multi-Criteria Conventional Detection Technology. The easy-to-use configuration tool comes with 13 preconfigured modes of operation providing an intuitive panel programming experience.

Features/Benefits of the TXR-320:

  • Remote configurable
     • Up to two (2) hazard areas

  • Operable with the following:
     • Deluge sprinkler system
     • Pre-action sprinkler system
     • Agent-release system

  • Abort release timer functionalities:
     • Standard UL-type delay
     • IRL-type delay
     • NYC-type delay 
     • Local jurisdiction / AHJ delay

  • Power supply (notification appliance circuit [NAC] power) of 5 Amps, max.
     • Avoidance to potential false dumps via special releasing power supply and release-  
       activation considerations

  •  ‘Class A’ circuit configuration
     • Local jurisdiction / AHJ delay

  • Six (6) ‘Class B’ input circuits

  • Four (4) ‘Class B’ output circuits

  • Optional configuration tool contains a backlit, 20-character liquid-crystal display (LCD) screen of up to two (2) lines

  • Basic fire-system programming accomplished through 13 modes of pre-configured operation

  • Compatibility listed with Models HI121, OH121 and OP121 conventional detectors
     • Each conventional detector utilizes the standard Model DB-11 detector base

  • Compatibility listed with Models PE-11 and DI-3

  • Maintenance and technician-level passwords for added security

  • Optional city-tie module

  • UL 864 9th Edition Listed, ULC Listed; FM Approved

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