SXL Conventional Panel


The SXL-EX is the most basic member of the Fire Safety family of fire alarm control systems. Incorporating innovative, high quality design, SXL-EX will provide years of reliable fire protection in small buildings and structures. The SXL-EX was developed to meet the varied fire detection needs of schools, municipal buildings, nursing homes, apartment buildings, warehouses, small office buildings and department stores, virtually anywhere a cost efficient, general purpose fire control panel is required.

Features/Benefits of SXL-EX Series:

  • 4 Zones-Expandable to 8 Zones

  • Microprocessor Based Control

  • Factory Programmed Field Configurable

  • Series 3 and Series 11 Compatible Detectors and Accessories * NEW

  • 2 Style Y Notification Appliance Circuits Multi-Option Programmable

  • 3 Amps indicating and Auxiliary Power

  • 24 and 60 hour Battery Backup

  • Subsequent Alarm and Trouble with 24 hour reminder

  • 8 Form C Relay Output Option

  • 220/240 VAC, 50 HZ Power Supply Option

  • Remote Serial Annunciator Option

  • Sprinkler supervisory Service

  • One person Test Feature

  • Non-Silenceable Bell Service * NEW

  • Alarm Verification by Zone * NEW

  • Zone/Output bypass Feature

  • UL/ULC Listed

  • 230 Vac/50 HZ Power Supply Option

  • Inherently Power Limited Per NEC 760

  • Alarm, Trouble and Supervisory Last Event Records

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