FireFinder XLS & XLSV Panels

The FireFinder® XLS family is ideal for large or sophisticated applications such as hi-rise buildings and campuses. Each panel supports up to 2,500 addressable points, and multiple panels can be networked together. Optional voice evacuation provides the flexibility to use the panel for background music, paging, or emergency evacuation.


XLS color PMI

FireFinder XLS is a responsive intelligent fire detection system that detects fires  and begins notifying occupants in less than 3 seconds. The large 6" full-color LCD display on the FireFinder XLS panel displays events color-coded by type, making it easy to understand and respond to an alarm.

  • Supports voice, smoke and fire on a single node

  • Optional integrated digital voice

  • 8-channel audio system can support up to 300 digital messages

  • Person Machine Interface (PMI) can also be programmed in Spanish, French, Portuguese, or Hebrew

  • Supports multi-layered messaging

  • UL Listed for background music

  • UL and ULC Listed for convenience paging

  • Seismic certified

A Highly Survivable System

The FireFinder XLSV  offers unsurpassed intelligibility via a digital emergency voice evacuation system to facilitate communication and emergency exit from even the tallest hi-rise. The system is compatible with emerging technology and is listed for use in emergency communication and mass notification applications.

  • Network “ring” topology ensures the continuity of communication in the event of a break in the network

  •  Redundant command stations enable two-way communication and protect against a single point of failure

  • Class A risers and Style 7 wiring ensure the system will operate in accordance with the highest standards

Network ring communication architecture
Using a ring topology ensures continuous communication even in the event of a disruption in the network.

Full Range of Detection Options

The FireFinder XLS is compatible with a wide variety of detection options allowing the protection of environments from sensitive to harsh to be protected with equal reliability.

Integration with VESDA Detectors

  • Displays full range of VESDA alarm and status signals at the panel

  • Allows VESDA detectors to be reset from the fire panel

  • Connect multiple VESDA detectors on a single panel for a cost-effective datacenter solution

  • Meets NFPA 76 Telecommunications Standards

Compatability with ASAtechnology™ Detectors

  • Access more than 20 application-specific detection profiles

  • Optional integrated carbon monoxide detection to protect areas such as sleeping rooms

  • Supports audible signal patterns for life safety events auch as Temporal Four coded signal

  • RoHS compliant for more environmentally-friendly fire detection

  • Meets standards for Very Early Warning Fire Detectors and NFPA 76 Telecommunications stamdard

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