VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detection

VESDA detectors provide Very Early Warning smoke detection for a broad range of environments and applications.

The VESDA portfolio of aspirating smoke detectors provides Very Early Warning smoke detection. Using continuous air sampling to detect fires in their earliest stage, VESDA detectors reliably measure very low to extremely high concentrations of smoke. VESDA detectors are available in a variety of models to accommodate a broad range of environments and applications. VESDA also offers products that seek to ensure air quality by actively monitoring for gas leaks. They detect unseen hazards by conditioning or filtering the air to remove moisture, dirt and other particulates.

ASAtechnology™ Detection Powers VESDA

The forward and backward light scattering help ensure ASAtechnology detectors are sensitive enough to meet VEWFD (Very Early Warning Fire Detection) requirements.

Detectors with ASAtechnology can detect fires resulting from solid or liquid combustible matter in their earliest stages.

  • Reliable detection through the use of redundant sensors and forward-backward light scattering

  • Backed by the Siemens No False Alarm Guarantee

  • Qualifies as Very Early Warning Fire Detector (VEWFD), meeting NFPA 76 Telecommunications Standard as well as complying with UL 2075 and NFPA 720

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