Flame Detection

Flame detectors operate in the harshest environments. Siemens offers a full range of Spectrex flame detectors.

They can detect a range of flame types from typical hydrocarbon fires to those caused by ammonia, hydrogen, alcohol and explosives among others. Flame detectors provide additional detection options for the general commercial market and are particularly useful in specialized industries with particularly harsh environments such as

  • Oil & Gas

  • Aviation

  • Chemical & Petrochemical

The portfolio of flame detectors includes:

40/40 series of explosion-proof detectors including UV, UV/IR, Multi IR, and Triple IR options

Explosion-proof flame detectors are useful in industrial applications because they detect flames from hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon sources.

20/20 mini series of more compact, value-based non-EX detectors in UV/IR and Triple IR options

The 20/20 series of flame detectors offers the general market flame detection in a more compact design.

A full complement of accessories for mounting and testing these detectors is available as well.

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