Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon  monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas which in high concentrations can cause sickness or even death. Carbon monoxide detectors measure levels of the gas and go into alarm if dangerous levels are detected.

Conventional Carbon Monoxide Detection

CODET 12-24 carbon-monoxide detectors are conventional CO detectors. They employ the most reliable CO sensing technology, while providing extremely a low current draw.

The CODET 12-24 carbon monoxide detector is a stand-alone detector that can interface with Siemens intelligent fire alarm control panels.

  • Suitable for a wide range of commercial and residential applications

  • Operate automatically on either 12- or 24-volt power supplies such as the auxiliary power output from a PAD-3

  • Can be fully supervised for power and faults

  • Can interface with Siemens intelligent fire-alarm panels, via the TRI, HTRI, CZM-1B6 or HZM modules

Multi-Criteria Detection

Siemens offers carbon monoxide detection as an option with its ASAtechnology mutli-criteria detectors, providing maximum safety and optimal protection.

Carbon monoxide detection is available as an option via a special sensor in ASAtechnology detectors.

  • Special sensor in detectors with redundant optical and thermal sensors protect against fire and dangerous levels of carbon monoxide

  • Detects independent carbon monoxide events as well as those resulting from fire

  • 20+ selectable profiles allow application specific fire detection back by No False Alarm Guarantee

  • Ideally suited for schools, dorms, hotels, and kitchen areas

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