Optical Beam Smoke Detection

Optical Beam smoke detectors provide reliable monitoring over long distances.

They cover large areas and provide smoke detection in areas where traditional point detectors are not practical such as

  • Rooms with high ceilings

  • Dusty and dirty environments

  • Environments that experience temperature extremes

Beam detectors are available as reflective beam detectors and projected beam detectors.

Reflective smoke beam detector

Reflective Optical Beam Smoke Detectors

Reflective beam detectors project a beam to a reflective prism, which returns the beam to the receiver for analysis.


  • Cost less to install due to their need for less wiring

  • Can be vulnerable to reflective items close to the IR beam path


Project beam smoke detector

Projected Optical Beam Smoke Detectors

Projected beam detectors provide cost-effective wide area smoke detection.


  • Less susceptible to stray reflection as reflections go back to the Transmitter

  • Generally compact and suited to areas requiring discreet protection such as architectural designs

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