Conventional Detectors Protect Property and the Environment

Siemens conventional detectors offer high quality detection options using photoelectric and thermal sensors. The OH121, OP121, and HI121 are conventional fire detectors used for detection of smoke and heat events.  The OP121 uses a photo optic chamber for smoke detection, and the OH121 adds a thermal element to the photo optic chamber to detect heat events as well.  The HI121 is a heat-only detector.  These devices are listed for use used with all Siemens fire systems and modules. The conventional detectors include a magnet test feature and an expanded operating temperature range. 

Siemens conventional detectors meet RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) standards as an environmentally-friendly alternative to previous conventional devices. They feature a tri-color status display to provide an easily visible device status where green is normal; yellow signifies a trouble; and red represents an alarm condition. The tri-color (LED) status light automatically indicates when the detector is outside of its UL listed sensitivity range by illuminating a yellow status. This unique feature allows the user to visually verify that the detector is within the UL sensitivity range (as per NFPA72 testing requirements) without having to conduct an elaborate test method. 

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