Advanced Detection Innovations

ASAtechnology Detection

Siemens offers advanced fire protection, through its unique ASAtechnology™ (Advanced Signal Analysis) which quickly and reliably detects smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide.

  • Backed by a No False Alarm Guarantee

  • 20+ application-specific profiles

  • Interprets the recorded signals in real time

  • Prevents false alarms caused by deceptive phenomena like steam, dust or machine exhaust gases

  • Advanced fire protection for clean, moderate or harsh environments includng  kitchens, data centers and industrial production facilities

Advanced Protection and a Cleaner Environment

ASAtechnology advanced detection
Forward//backward light scattering differentiates a true fire from a false alarm

ASAtechnolgy™ detectors use state-of-the-art forward/backward light scattering,  an advanced optical analysis of smoke particles, to increase detector sensitivity. These detectors offer both advanced protection from fire as well as an environmentally-friendly alternative to ionaztion detectors.

  • Extremely sensitive, virtually immune to false alarms

  • Dual thermal and dual optical sensors detect all fire signatures from smoldering to flaming

  • Qualify as Very Early Warning Fire Detectors (VEWFD)

  • Meet NFPA 76 standards for telecommunications

  • RoHS compliant, meeting the standards regarding the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Technology Innovation for Increased Reliability

Redundant detection sensors increase the sensitivity. These detectors have two thermal and two optical sensors. This redundancy heightens their immunity to deceptive phenomena and increases their detection capability and reliability.

Learn more about how ASAtechnology detectors work and how they compare to other detection methods.

Advanced Fire Detection Innovation System Compatibility

The innovations in ASAtechnology detectors featuring forward/backward light scattering and redundant sensors are available as part of the Cerberus PRO, Desigo Fire Safety and FireFinder® XLS fire systems. These detectors are included as part the Cerberus PRO Advanced detector line and the Desigo Fire Safety S-line of detection.

Cerberus™ PRO

Cerberus Family

Siemens Cerberus PRO is an intelligent fire protection system that further expands our product portfolio and provides system designers and engineers with a turnkey product available through our authorized Value Added Partners.

FireFinder® XLS

FireFinder XLS with voice

Siemens FireFinder XLS fire systems offer premium fire protection for large or sophisticaed applications and networks. The FireFinder XLS offers the option of integrated voice that can be used for emergency evacuation or day-to-day purposes.

Desigo™ Fire Safety

Desigo Family

Siemens Desigo Fire Safety is a complete fire protection system designed for easy integration into the Siemens portfolio of building management and control solutions. This product is available and serviceable through our Siemens Regional Branch offices.

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