Audible Bases


Siemens ABHW-4 intelligent audible bases include the ABHW-4B and ABHW-4S bases. Both models offer new and innovative features.

The model ABHW-4S is the first UL-listed sounder base to provide a low frequency (520 Hz square wave) tone, specifically designed for sleeping areas. Additionally, the ABHW-4S meets all NFPA signaling requirements for low frequency sounders designated for sleeping areas.

The model ABHW-4B is the first and only UL-approved sounder base to offer a loop powered (2-wire) option with a standard frequency (3Khz) tone. This loop powered feature is very beneficial for add-on and retrofit applications allowing for a lower hardware and installation cost with minimum wiring.

When used with Cerberus® PRO or Desigo® Fire Safety detectors, both bases also offer tones individually controlled by the audible base.

Both ABHW-4 bases offer six (6) selectable tone patterns:

  • Temporal 3

  • Temporal 4

  • Steady

  • March time 30

  • March time 120

  • Low power option

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