No False Alarm Guarantee

Multi-criteria detectors managed by ASAtechnology can differentiate nuisance and true alarms. All Siemens detectors with ASAtechnology come with a No False Alarm Guarantee.

False alarms can be a serious annoyance to a business and its community. In addition to the disruption to business operations and the associated fines, they also divert resources from other potential emergencies as first responders are required to respond to the alarm.

Siemens offers a No False Alarm Guarantee on its multi-criteria ASAtechnology detectors which states that Siemens will pay fines as a result of a false alarm from an ASAtechnology detector that was purchased from a Siemens branch or authorized Siemens fire product distributor and was properly applied and maintained.

How ASAtechnology Works

Siemens multi-criteria detectors with ASAtechnology feature redundant sensors which limit the likelihood of an alarm as a result of a non-fire source. Siemens multi-criteria detectors have a wide range of profiles against which sensor signal data is dynamically compared, in real time, using sophisticated algorithms to accurately and reliably differentiate between a fire emergency and harmless smoke, steam or dust.

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