Cerberus PRO Modular

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Cerberus® PRO Modular

How can you build the right fire detection foundation for your building?

Although many fire detection systems are available on the market today, protecting your people and your building requires highly intelligent capabilities that offer:

  • Integration with highly-sensitive smoke detection and pinpoint diagnostics, compliant with UL268 standards

  • High-performance, full color display to provide a central point of communication and alerts

  • Ability to broadcast life-saving messages for all types of emergency communications, from fire and weather to acts of terrorism

  • Fully Automatic, initiating emergency operations such as fire door closure, elevator capture, and air handler shutoff as well as instant alerts for all actions.

Outpacing industry standards and includes cutting-edge detection and communication capabilities

Cerberus PRO Modular is Siemens latest large market solution featuring the power of FireFinder XLS with new innovations to meet the latest codes and standards. The new modular system adds many new innovative capabilities and features available for the Cerberus PRO fire portfolio, such as a new generation of Class X I/O modules with built-in isolation and a new addressable notification appliance booster (PAD-5).

Data Centers

High Rise Buildings



Avoiding downtime and interruption is paramount to your business. With Cerberus PRO Modular, you get:

• A complete solution for early detection, alarm, and suppression
• Very early warning fire detection with highly sensitive ASAtechnology™ detection that meets applicable NFPA
and UL standards
• Sinorix™ fire suppression that protects mission critical areas and prevents collateral damage

Cerberus PRO Modular is compatible with building and life safety management stations, giving you emergency voice evacuation, as well as:

• Targeted and varied messages simultaneously
• Combination fire/CO detectors for residential areas that can eliminate false alarms from cigarette smoke or burned
• Customized views and control from the centralized management station

You need fire and life safety protection for your population of patients, staff, and visitors, as well as your critical environments:

• Multi-criteria detectors support area-specific detection, including CO detection for patient rooms
• Centralized control of networked systems
• Targeted mass notification messages by location
• Integrated cameras for live visual event confirmation

Your campus includes many buildings with many different functions, and Cerberus PRO Modular features:

• Flexible network configurations and a no false alarm guarantee
• Conventional and intelligent releasing options
• Mass notification for both interior and exterior spaces
• Integration with other buildings and panels

The evolution of FireFinder XLS

We’re dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive fire detection portfolio, including fire panels, detection technologies, and management stations. And as technologies evolve, you benefit from our continuous innovation.
The new Cerberus PRO Modular system is fully backward compatible with MP12 of XLS, which was released in November 2016. The modular network will communicate with existing networks. If you have not yet migrated their MXL to an XLS, MXL will migrate to Cerberus PRO Modular.

Ready to learn more about Cerberus PRO Modular?

An intelligent fire detection system is a key component of your overall fire and life safety strategy. If you’re ready to learn more about how you can integrate the latest technologies and meet local codes and standards for large market applications, contact our team today.

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