Desigo® Fire Safety Intelligent Voice Communication

Sophisiticated fire and emergency communication features efficiently packaged for small- and mid-sized buildings and applications

Desigo Fire Safety Intelligent Voice Communication

Desigo Fire Saftey Intelligent Voice Communication, black, 2 row panel

Desigo Fire Safety Intelligent Voice Communication systems combine the power of world-class fire detection with crystal clear voice communication in one convenient panel sized just right for smaller facilities such as churches an banquet halls. The system is listed for every day as well as emergency communication and features integrated digital voice and high fidelity speakers for high quality audio messages.

  • UL Listed for fire protection (UL 864) and emergency communication (UL 2572) for comprehensive life safety protection

  • 2 channel message player supports diferent messages for different zones

  • Networwable panels engineered for survicabilitywith integrated degrade mode and Style 7 (Class X) networking

  • Remotely viewing and diagnostics for more efficient service calls

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