Cerberus® PRO Intelligent Voice Communication

Efficient protection and intelligent communication capabilities for everday and emergency use for smaller facilities

Cerberus PRO Intelligent Voice Communication

Cerberus PRO Intelligent Voice  Communication panel, 2 rows, red

Cerberus PRO Intelligent Voice Communication systems offer full-featured, networkable fire panels with optional digital voice communication. The systems combine fast fire detection with high fidelity voice communication and complete operator control for efficient management of everyday and life safety events.

  • UL 864 Listed as a fire alarm system and UL 2572 Listed as an emergency communication system

  • Style 7 (Class X) network ensures system remains operational in the event of ground faul, short or open circuit

  • Delivers differentiated messages to spcific areas simultaneously

  • Compatitble with a full range of detection options, including ASAtechnology advanced multi-criteria detection

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