S-LINE Detectors Set New Standards with ASAtechnology

Detectors with Exceptional Technology

Featuring our unique ASAtechnology (Advanced Signal Analysis), S-LINE detectors provide exceptionally fast detection. They are also highly reliable in preventing false alarms caused by deceptive on-site phenomena like:

  • Machine exhaust gases

  • Dust

  • Steam

S-LINE multi-criteria fire/CO detector combines ASAtechnology with carbon monoxide (CO) detection for maximum life safety. The additional CO sensor provides earliest detection of CO-generating fumes independently from fire. The CO detector complies with the requirements of the fire safety and carbon monoxide codes and standards UL 2075 and NFPA 720.

Customizable Protection in Virtually Any Environment

S-LINE detectors can be optimally tailored to always meet current environmental requirements. Offering more than 20 application-specific detection profiles, they can be adjusted to the expected environmental condition. You can also easily and quickly change between the profiles, should the conditions change. This makes S-LINE detectors a safe and long-term investment.

S-LINE detectors are the ideal choice for any application area from clean to dirty, for example:

  • Data centers and IT equipment

  • Telecommunications facilities

  • Hospitals and nursing homes

  • Restaurants and small commercial kitchens

  • Auto repair shops and parking garages

  • Industrial production facilities

  • Warehouses

  • Power generation facilities

S-LINE Detectors




Multi-criteria fire detector FDOOT441

• Utilizes ASAtechnology for excellent early detection and rejection of deceptive phenomena

• 20+ selectable detection profiles

• UL-listed as a high sensitivity pre-alarm

• Meets NFPA 76 requirement (Telecommunication Standard) as a VEWFD (Very Early Warning Fire Detector)

Dual optics (forward/ backward light scattering) and dual thermal sensors

Multi-criteria fire/CO detector FDOOTC441

• Identical features to the FDOOT441, plus additional CO detection

• Detects CO-generating fires as well as CO independent from fire

• Only one detector is needed for fire and CO (instead of two) to comply with life safety standards

• UL 2075 listed as a CO Life Safety detector and meets NFPA 720 requirements

• Provides field programmable, customizable supervisory signals for temperature or CO levels

Dual optics (forward/ backward light scattering) and dual thermal sensors plus an additional CO sensor

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