Desigo Fire Safety Control Panels

The Desigo includes the FC2025 fire control panel, which supports up to 252 addressable detectors or devices, and the FC2050 which supports up to 504 devices. Both are networkable and can connect to the Desigo CC building management station.

Today’s fire safety needs to be fast, reliable and flexible to meet changing needs. Desigo® Fire Safety systems are designed to protect lives and assets and to prevent production losses, thereby safeguarding a facility’s assets and survival. Desigo Fire Safety is an intelligent fire protection system for fast, reliable fire detection, alarm signaling, and control. It is part of the Desigo fire safety portfolio that includes state-of-the-art products that offer flexibility and scalability as well as compatibility with future and existing products.

Desigo Fire Safety networkable panels are compatible with a broad detection portfolio, including Siemens unique multi-criteria detectors featuring ASAtechnology™. These detectors offer advanced signal processing, selectable detection profiles, and optional carbon monoxide life safety detection. This provides maximum safety and enhanced protection of people and assets, backed by Siemens own No False Alarm Guarantee.

Desigo Fire Safety systems can connect to the Desigo® CC management station that can provide command and control over networked fire panels as well as a building’s comfort systems and some security products resulting in a Total Building Solution.


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Desigo Fire Safety Networkable System Benefits:

  • Networkable control panels for applications of various sizes

  • Flexible and scalable fire protection that can be adapted to new conditions and expanded as needs require

  • Efficient system service and maintenance through remote diagnostics and evaluation

  • Optional releasing module

  • Comprehensive detection designed to protect a variety of areas, with options that meet a wide range of NFPA and UL standards

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