FC2005 Fire Control Panel

A Cost-effective Solution for Small Applications

The FC2005 fire control panel is a basic, stand-alone panel. It is an excellent choice to cost-effectively install a simple fire alarm system in a small application. You can connect up to 50 detectors or devices, from our Desigo Fire Safety family or other existing Siemens fire protection systems. You will also be able to connect future Siemens devices. This makes FC2005 a safe and long-term investment.

The basic FC2005 is specifically suitable for applications such as:

  • Retail shops

  • Doctor’s offices

  • Dry cleaners

  • Small restaurants

  • Strip malls

  • Banks

  • Small commercial buildings

Common features:

  • Max. number of FDnet addresses: 50

  • Number of integrated FDnet circuits: either one class A or two class B

  • Number of NAC circuits: either one class A or two class B


Description/consists of

Main power supply

Battery capacity


Standard housing

6.5 Amps


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