A Comprehensive Fire Alarm System – Desigo Fire Safety

Complete Fire Protection Solution

Desigo™ Fire Safety is an excellent fire protection system for virtually all requirements, and offers what you need for comprehensive fire protection:

  • Fire detectors with maximum reliability prevent false alarms and meet the requirements of the fire safety and carbon monoxide codes NFPA 72 and NFPA 720

  • Fire control panels, fire terminals, remote terminals, and displays provide full system view and are easy to operate, even in case of an event

  • Peripheral devices and compatibility with older notification devices to manual alarm stations

All components are one family, guaranting optimum interaction. The flexibility and scalability also make Desigo a future-proof solution..  It can be quickly and easily adapted to new conditions and grows along with your requirements.

Unique Detector Technology

The unique detector technology of Desigo sets the standard when it comes to reliable detection, fast notification, and quick response:

  • Redundant sensors increase the reliability of the detectors

  • Forward\backward light scattering technology ensures enhanced sensitivity to actual fires

  • All detectors with ASAtechnology™ come with a No False Alarm Guarantee

Benefits at a Glance

  • A fire alarm system that is custom-built according to your safety and budget needs

  • Reliability of the most experienced solution provider in the field of fire safety

  • Built on a technology platform that will make compatibility with future products possible

  • Quick, reliable detection of fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide

  • Simple panel operation with easy access to all functions

  • Solutions and services for all applications whether simple or complex

  • Fire alarm system is easy to adapt and expand

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