FT924 – A Networkable Fire Terminal for Operation Remote from the Control Panel

In a Cerberus™ PRO fire protection system, the FT924 networkable fire operating terminal can be installed with the networkable control panels. It provides the same view, control functionalities, and maintenance and reporting capabilities as the networked panels. The FT924 can be conveniently located. For example if a control panel is installed in a hotel lobby, the terminal can be installed where it is inconspicuous and in a more accessible area. This enables quicker reaction in the event of an emergency. The FT924 can also be used as a stand-by operating terminal in the event that a control panel experiences technical difficulties.

Common features:

  • Integrated operating unit

  • Standard external DC supply (24 V)

  • Two DC 26 V inputs


Description/consists of

Main power supply

Battery capacity


Standard housing



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