Fire Control Panels with Optional Emergency Communication

The Cerberus PRO Intelligent Voice Communication portfolio includes the FV922 control panel, which supports up to 252 addressable detectors or devices, and the FV924, which supports up to 504 devices.

Life safety protection goes beyond just fire detection. Small and mid-size facilities may have emergency communication or notification requirements that go beyond the fire-only detection offered by many of the panels sized for their applications. With some systems this can involve the use of horn and strobe appliances or the addition of a separate panel for voice communication. Cerberus PRO Intelligent Voice Communication systems offer another option.

Cerberus PRO Intelligent Voice Communication systems consist of intelligent, networkable panels that combine state-of-the-art fire detection, voice communication and mass notification capabilities all in a single enclosure.  Cerberus PRO Intelligent Voice Communication systems are fully compatible with a range of detection options, including ASAtechnology™ advanced detectors, all backed by Siemens own No False Alarm Guarantee. The panels can be networked to other Cerberus PRO Intelligent Voice Communication panels or to Cerberus PRO fire-only control panels, giving customers the flexibility to design a network that meets their needs.


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Cerberus PRO Intelligent Voice Communication Benefits:

  • Digital voice technology for messages that come through loud and clear

  • 2-channel message player supports up to 64 messages per panel, providing the flexibility to deliver customized messaging to specific areas at specific times

  • Voice and fire are networked using the same copper or fiber connection making for simpler installation

  • UL Listed as both a fire panel and emergency communication system offering comprehensive life safety protection in a single enclosure

  • CD quality sampling rate and high-fidelity speakers provide clear broadcast of non-emergency and emergency messaging as well as background music

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