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We’re dedicated to providing decision makers with the right fire & life safety solutions, products, and services to meet your specific needs – now and in the future!

Our Desigo® Fire Safety & Cerberus® PRO Portfolios provide you with the choice of performance and service that’s perfect for your project. Both fire portfolios are supported by technicians that are Siemens Technology Certified, allowing them to service and expand either system if your needs change.

Desigo is the complete portfolio delivered by Siemens branches offering a total building solution. Desigo offers a comprehensive portfolio of fire panels, detection, mass notification, and integrated building management systems that create and intelligent to protect your building and its occupants. It provides the right systems, solutions, and platforms to meet your comfort, security, and life safety needs for any application.
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Cerberus PRO
Cerberus PRO is the complete dedicated portfolio available from Siemens Solution Partners in the UL Fire & Life Safety market. Cerberus offers a comprehensive portfolio of fire panels, detection and Cerberus DMS management stations which meet the needs of small-to-large or simple-to-complex applications.
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SpecWriter makes it easy for engineers to specify performance

The Siemens SpecWriter tool is the fastest and easiest way to create professional life safety systems specifications. The tool offers a user-friendly interface that guides you to the right specification and allows you to create custom specification text without model numbers. Now you can focus on the performance that will keep your facility safe.

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Emergency Voice Communication Systems
Siemens has expanded its portfolio of products to include panels with intelligent Voice Communication designed to meet the everyday and emergency life safety and communication needs of small and medium sized applications.
Desigo Fire Safety Intelligent Voice Communication | Desigo Fire Safety Modular| Cerberus PRO Intelligent Voice Communication | Cerberus PRO Modular

Full Line of Fire Alarm Systems
Siemens offers a full line off fire alarm systems built with the latest technology that combines innovative options, with ease of operation and efficiency.
> Desigo Fire Safety: Desigo 50 Point Panel | Desigo 252 / 504 Point Panels | Desigo Fire Safety Modular
> Cerberus PRO: Cerberus PRO 50 Point Panel | Cerberus PRO 252 / 504 Point Panels | Cerberus PRO Modular
> FireFinder XLS: FireFinder XLS

Leading Fire Detection & Notification Technology
Demonstrated at NFPA will be Siemens' full detection and notification portfolio, including the ABW-45 audible sounder base, the first and only UL/ULC listed product in the market to meet new520 Hz low frequency requirements for sleeping spaces.
Siemens Fire Detection Portfolio | Audible Bases (ABHW-4S / ABHW-4B) | ASAtechnology

Migration Solutions
See how Siemens offers flexible modernization plans for the life cycle of you fire alarm system from assessment and identification through consultation and recommendations to implementation.
MXL Migration Solutions

Management Stations
Cerberus DMS | Desigo CC | NCC Network Command Center

State-of-the-Art Fire Suppression Systems
Learn more about Siemens intelligent and customizable fire suppression solution that protects mission critical areas, prevents collateral damage, and enables business to continue as usual.

Our comprehensive portfolio of fire panels, detection, and management stations meet the global needs of small-to-large or simple-to-complex applications.

Addressable Fire and Voice Systems

Cerberus PRO and Cerberus PRO Intelligent Voice Communication

From a simple, stand-alone 50 point panel to a 504 point networkable intelligent voice panel, Cerberus PRO is provided by Siemens Solution Partners for facilities of varying sizes. When combined with full portfolio of Cerberus PRO standard and advanced detection, this system is flexible and scalable to meet requirements.

Desigo Fire Safety and Desigo Fire Safety Intelligent Voice Communication

From a stand-alone 50 point panel to a 504 point networkable intelligent voice panel, Desigo Fire Safety is a complete fire protection system designed for easy integration with Siemens Building Technologies portfolio management and automation solutions. This product is available and serviceable through Siemens Regional Branch offices.

As a specifier, you need to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies to ensure you provide your customers with the best possible advice for their needs. In fact, we understand how important continued education is for consulting engineers to maintain your accreditation.

Through our EngineeringAdvantage program, you can learn more about the latest technologies and trends with educational programs and thought leadership for the engineering community. We are also here to support you locally, including troubleshooting and resolving your engineering challenges.

We are here for you! We want to help you specify innovation, performance, and the highest level of life safety. If you’re ready to see how Siemens Fire & Life Safety systems and solutions can help your next project, contact our team today

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