Building Technologies for the U.S. Federal Government

Siemens has a strong history of delivering technology-based solutions and services to government entities around the country. From the initial assessment through ongoing support, we provide the systems, the services, and the resources to ensure government facilities are safe, efficient, cost-effective, and compliant.

APOGEE for Federal Facilities

Desigo CC for Federal Facilities

Gamma Lighting Controls for Federal Facilities

Siemens is a global leader in building automation solutions and sustainable products that optimize building performance around the world. Please look below to discover what our products like Apogee, Desigo CC, and Gamma Lighting can do for your Federal facility.

    Siemens APOGEE ® Building Automation System is capable of integrating multiple building systems regardless of manufacturer or installer. Apogee's open communications protocol is flexible and provides easy facility system upgrades, optimization, and expansion.

  • Desigo CC
    A New Building Control Center, Desigo CC is uniquely designed to provide the ultimate user experience.  It is built with the latest technology for new buildings and provides a platform for future growth.

  • Gamma Lighting Controls 
    Buildings Operations Management Top Award winner for 2014, Siemens Gamma can provide lighting levels that are precisely what your building’s occupants need – nothing more, nothing less.

  • Damper Actuators
    Siemens has damper actuators for fast-acting fire and smoke, linear, pneumatic, and rotary controls.

  • Sensors
    Temperature, humidity, air quality, pressure, and specialty sensors.

  • Thermostats and Controllers
    Electronic and pneumatic thermostats, and controllers.

  • Valves
    Valves and valve actuators.

  • Variable Frequency Drives
    Siemens BT300 seamlessly integrates into existing equipment and building management systems.

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