The only provider to offer truly automated cloud-based Intelligent Load Management Technology, SureGrid is a leading energy solutions provider that can manage your building’s energy better and smarter. By monitoring and controlling major energy consuming devices, such as HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, signage and more, SureGrid technology enables each building to dynamically interact with the electrical grid based on local business rules and real-time asset and environmental conditions.

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Does your utility charge more on peak demand days?

Our solution allows you to seamlessly integrate your building automation system to use less energy during those times.

  • Modify your strategies based on real-time pricing

  • Save 25% during peak pricing day

  • Ideal for CPP & PDP in California

  • Determine your potential CPP savings with no cost audit

Are you tired of experimenting with demand response programs?

Our solution verifies building occupancy before calling for load shed and modifies HVAC strategies based on your real-time operating conditions.

  • Your building opts in/out every five minutes

  • Monitors occupancy to adjust strategies

  • Monitors local HVAC health to adjust strategies

  • Eliminate onsite supervision, distraction and cost

What about using solar energy?

Our solution allows you to manage potential peak demand charges coming from intermittent cloud cover.

  • Modify your demand based on solar output

  • Fully integrated monitoring solution

  • Avoid peak demand charges

  • Integrate with your solar inverter

What makes the most sense for your business?

Our customized solution puts your business rules first and smart grid second. Custom programming is done in partnership with your BAS vendor.

  • Custom HVAC settings

  • Custom lighting

  • Your business rules first (occupancy, minimum light levels, maximum temperatures, etc.)

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