Energy Management Service Agreement

The Siemens Energy Management Service Agreement (EMSA) is designed to assist businesses that recognize the significant positive impact, both financially and environmentally, in deploying an energy management system (EMS) but are prevented from making the commitment due to limited access to corporate capital, insufficient staff to effectively monitor an EMS, and uncertainty as to whether an EMS investment will achieve the desired financial returns.

For a monthly service fee that is offset by the energy and maintenance savings that result with an EMS, the Siemens EMSA will provide the key Siemens products, software and services required to effectively outsource all aspects of demand side energy management along with contractual assurance that the program will be cash-flow positive, guaranteed.

Program Features:

Comprehensive Package

• Includes equipment, warranty, software and support
• Minimizes in-house support required for program success

Monthly Payments

• Fund program expenses from energy savings
• Immediate cash flow improvement

Service Agreement Structure

• Not a capital or operating lease
• Avoids the need for capital approval

Savings Assurance

• Guaranteed to be cash-flow positive
• Retain all upside savings

By combining an integrated set of equipment-based services with a savings assurance backed by a global automation leader, the Siemens EMSA offers a compelling alternative to traditional approaches to energy management.

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