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Performance Contracting

Achieve energy efficiency, sustainability, and infrastructure goals

Whether you’re operating a single building, school district, college campus, or an entire city, you come to work every day knowing you need to do more with less. More students, less space. More residents, fewer resources. More projects, less time. Your aging infrastructure can no longer be deferred, and you’re under a mandate to achieve sustainability goals—but with limited or no capital funds, you’re feeling stuck.

A truly comprehensive Energy Services Company, or ESCO, can help you take a holistic view of your energy and infrastructure needs and create a strategic plan that helps you address these challenges.  In both public and private sectors, ESCOs offer an innovative option through guaranteed performance-based solutions. These energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs) allow you to use the savings that will be generated by the project to fund infrastructure improvement programs.

As a true full-service ESCO, we provide the industry’s most comprehensive end-to-end energy solutions – from energy reduction to production and procurement – enabling organizations to best achieve energy goals.

Siemens’ experience with more than 1,000 performance contracts demonstrates our proven track record. In fact, we have helped our customers realize more than $2 billion in operational and energy savings over the past 10 years. With the support of a global organization and the expertise in our local, U.S.-based offices, we help solve your day-to-day challenges while helping achieve your long-term objectives.

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