EcoView™ Simple Effective Energy Management for Small Businesses

EcoView Energy Management System Key Components

Designed specifically to meet the energy management needs of restaurants, medical offices retail shops and other small commercial businesses, EcoView is a feature rich wireless EMS that provides a rapid payback through reduced energy bills.

EcoView Touchscreen

  • 7-in. touch screen gateway to the Internet, enabling wireless control of thermostats, power meters, and other load control devices

  • Installs on any wall using single Ethernet cable to provide power and Internet access

  • Group control and monitoring functions performed on touch screen

  • Real-time and historical data dashboard displayed in powerful colorful visual graphics

  • All firmware and user interface upgrades are delivered seamlessly over the Internet

  • Touch screen can also receive and display text-based messages, which can be created via the Siemens EcoView Web application

EcoView Thermostat

  • Drop in replacement that communicates wirelessly and enables functionality not possible with standard 24V HVAC thermostats

  • Advanced, energy-saving control algorithms that maximize savings and performance

  • Control local set points and make adjustments within prescribed limits

  • Auxiliary temperature sensor input available to monitor temperatures refrigeration within units

EcoView Multi-phase Meter

  • Measures the real-time energy demand as well as historical consumption

  • Updates delivered to touch screen in fifteen-second intervals and reports to the Internet via Siemens EcoView Web application

  • Split-core current transformers eliminate need to shut off power mains during installation for zero downtime

  • Available in single-phase or three-phase models

EcoView 8DO Module

  • An eight-channel, pilot-duty controller module to manage lighting, ventilation or any energy-consuming electrical load

  • Access relay channels via the touch screen or remotely through Siemens EcoView Web application

EcoView Web Application

Remote access and control of onsite devices and systems is available 24/7 through the EcoView Web application. From anywhere in the world, a site owner or manager can examine current conditions, view historical trends, and make modifications to schedules and settings, affecting onsite equipment.

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