A unique, patented, and proven optimization strategy

What is Demand Flow for Chilled Water Systems?
Demand Flow for Chilled Water (CHW) systems is a comprehensive energy management system that reduces the electricity use in the most energy-intensive component of most facilities.

How does it work?
Demand Flow CHW uses an intelligent, powerful, and proven method developed from our decades of experience in optimizing chilled water systems. By offering a holistic application of fundamental thermodynamic principles, it resolves chilled water system operational issues and enables design intent.

By implementing Demand Flow CHW, building owners can not only achieve their building performance and sustainability goals, they can also achieve:

Reduced Energy Consumption

  • Typically 20-50% total Chilled Water System energy savings

  • 1-4 year simple payback

  • Improves System Deliverable Cooling Capacity

Improved Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Occupant comfort is not sacrificed to provide energy savings

  • More effective humidity control

  • Requires less energy to deliver potentially colder chilled water temperatures

Extended Equipment Life

  • Increased Deliverable tonnage means more redundancy

  • Reduced run-time = less maintenance

  • Less wear and tear on system components

Simplified System Operation

  • Sequencing chillers is typically Lead / Lag based on run-hours (can be customized)

  • More intuitive sequencing of equipment

  • Improved system reliability and control

Gain Transparency with Navigator

Navigator is Siemens’ cloud-based data management platform designed to help you optimize the performance of your buildings. When paired with Demand Flow for Chilled Water Systems and/or Variable Air Volume Systems, you gain the ability to monitor the long-term performance of your HVAC system by tracking, maintaining, and enhancing improvement measures. Very customizable, Navigator allows you to achieve your energy, sustainability, and system performance targets.

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