Siemens Commissioning Advantage Program

The Commissioning Advantage Program (CxA) is a comprehensive building energy and performance optimization program designed to improve the way our customers operate their facilities. This program includes a variety of individual offerings that have a far greater impact when combined as a holistic solution.

Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx), the principal offering of the CxA Program, is a systematic process for investigating, analyzing, and implementing low cost, operationally-based improvements to building systems making the systems perform interactively to meet the Current Facility Requirements (CFR) of the building. The process includes the following phases:

1. Multi-building planning - A preplanning phase for customers wanting to commissioning multiple buildings

2. Assessment - The planning phase for a building undergoing commissioning through:

3. Investigation – The analysis phase of the project including:

4. Implementation – The change phase of the project including:

5. Hand-off – The project signoff and training phase of the project

6. Monitoring Based Commissioning – The persistence phase of the project including:

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