ST 4203 - SiPass Access Control

Overview: Learn to navigate SiPass Integrated menus and toolbars, cardholder access privileges and define time schedules and holidays.

Participants: For users whose role it to operate and administer a SiPass Integrated system.

Objectives: Upon completion of the class, you should be able to:

  • Review basic SiPass Integrated graphical user interface (GUI) functions

  • Identify commonly used menu and toolbar features

  • Review and understand SiPass Integrated Operators and Operator Groups

  • Review manual override commands

  • Review basic alarm functions

  • Review host and controller event tasks

  • Create and assign Time Schedules and Holidays

  • Identify how SiPass Integrated is configured for door count and licensing

  • Understand Door Set definitions

  • Create and modify custom transaction logs

  • Review offline behavior of ACCs and devices

  • Configure Offline Access Mode

  • Review Access Point Image Verification modes

  • Create and modify Work Groups

  • Create and modify Access Groups

  • Create and modify Access Levels

  • Define Cardholder Access using Access Groups

  • Define Cardholder Access using Workgroups

  • Create and use Cardholder Credential Profiles

  • Identify hardware

  • Understand how to create an Alarm Class

  • Work with Alarm Queue

  • Respond to Actionable Alarms

  • Create, modify and assign Alarm Instructions

  • Understand Tamper Conditions (Supervisory Alarms)

  • Perform Alarm Class Customization

  • Use the Find button

  • Use the Group button

  • Create customized reports

Topics covered in the class include:

  • Introduction to SiPass Integrated Access Control System

  • SiPass Integrated Advanced Functions

  • Operator Cardholder Administration and Access Control

  • SiPass Integrated Hardware

  • SiPass Integrated Alarming

  • SiPass Integrated Reporting

Prerequisites: None

Course Length: 2.5 Days

CEUs: 1.9

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