ST 6603 – Advanced Graphics

Overview: Learn to develop and modify cliparts, air handler and chiller backgrounds and incorporate the Enhanced Graphic Option (EGO) features into new and existing graphics.

Participants: For users whose role includes updating graphics to match their current equipment layout.

Overview: Upon completion of the class, you should be able to:

  • Modify a user profile in Micrografx Designer

  • Create a template in Micrografx Designer

  • Use Micrografx Designer to create background graphics

  • Use Micrografx Designer to create and edit clipart files

  • Use existing clipart files in a background

  • Access the Navigator Library

  • Use the Navigator Library Application Browser

  • Decipher the acronyms listed in the Application Browser

  • Send the selected background to Micrografx Designer for modifications

  • Add or remove Version 2 clipart files to a background

  • Insert dynamic point information in its various forms

  • Create a logical series of links between dynamic graphics

  • Insert animations on a background graphic

  • Create a point information block group graphic

  • Create Enhanced Graphic Objects include; pie charts, bar charts, thermometers and angular gauges

  • Add the various Enhanced Graphic Object types to an Insight graphic

  • Modify the appearance of an Enhanced Graphic Object

  • Make the Enhanced Graphic Object commandable

  • Import an existing graphic from a customer site

  • Incorporate changes to an existing graphic

Topics covered in this class include:

  • Micrografx Designer

  • Navigator Library

  • Insight Graphics

  • Enhanced Graphic Option (EGO)

  • Modify an Existing Graphic

Prerequisites: ST 6203 - Insight Workstation I

Course Length: 3.0 Days

CEUs: 2.3 CEUs

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