ST 6523 – InfoCenter Suite

Overview: Learn to archive, manage and retrieve large amounts of building automation system data for validation compliance and management reporting.

Participants: For users whose role is to administer the data collected by an Insight system using InfoCenter Suite software.

Objectives: Upon completion of the class, you should be able to:

  • Explain how InfoCenter data is generated by an Insight system

  • Explain data flow in InfoCenter

  • Describe the different volume types and their features

  • Mount and dismount volumes

  • Create new volumes

  • Create point groups

  • Setup point group security

  • Annotate and modify point values

  • Identify the different point types and their properties

  • Dynamically import data from Insight: Trend, Alarm, System Activity Log, Alarm Issue Management (AIM) and Compliance Support Option (CSO)

  • Archive and purge system data

  • Create customized reports from report templates

  • Run reports manually or by schedule

Topics covered in the class include:

  • System Architecture

  • InfoCenter Administrator

  • InfoCenter Points

  • InfoCenter Data

  • InfoCenter Report Manger

Prerequisite: None

Course Length: 3.0 Days

CEUs: 2.3 CEUs

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