ST 7454 – BACnet Field Panel Web Server

Overview: Learn to edit BACnet field panel databases through Web Server using the Launch Pad software.

Participants: For users whose role is to use Siemens BACnet Field Panel Web Server to interface with BACnet field panels.

Objectives: Upon completion of the class, you should be able to:

  • Describe how Distributed Digital Control (DDC) effects building operations

  • Describe the four basic types of points

  • Identify point types used for different components

  • Describe the functionality and compatibility of the BACnet Field Panel Web Server

  • Identify the required hardware that supports BACnet Web Server

  • Describe the BACnet Field Panel Launch Pad applications

  • Navigate through Siemens Launch Pad

  • Utilize the Status Bar User Interface

  • Utilize the Navigation Pane User Interface

  • Interface with Device Points icons and messages

  • Create and edit a notification class object

  • Assign a recipient to a notification class object

  • Create and edit various point types

  • Make points alarmable and associate them to a notification class

  • Command a point to a new value

  • Utilize Dynamic Trending and Command Priority Array

  • Create a BACnet calendar object, a command object and a schedule object

  • Describe and demonstrate the PPCL Editor

  • Describe how to compile and debug a program

  • Describe how to use the Assist feature to enter PPCL commands

  • View the Panel Configuration Editor and the ALN Node Table Editor applications

  • Utilize the FLN Device Editor to view and add FLN devices to a network

  • View, backup and restore field panels and FLN devices

  • Create and edit ALN user accounts

Topics covered in the class include:

  • DDC

  • BACnet Field Panel Web Server

  • User Interface Applications

  • Notification Classes

  • Point Editor

  • Point Commander

  • Schedule/Command Object/Calendar View

  • PPCL Editor

  • System Configuration

Prerequisites: None

Course Length: 3.5 Days

CEUs: 2.7 CEUs

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