ST 5504 – Field Panel and FLN Operations

Overview: Learn to monitor, control and configure building automation systems locally from field panels and FLN devices using Datamate Advanced. A scenario-based skills assessment at the end of the course allows you to put into practice the knowledge you have learned.

Participants: For users whose role is to control and monitor building control systems from field panels and Terminal Equipment Controllers (TECs).

Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe different protocols for Automation Level Networks (ALN) and Field Level Networks (FLN) to include: P2, Ethernet (TCP/IP), BACnet (UDP/IP), P1 and MS/TP

  • Identify and network ALN and FLN devices

  • Communicate with ALN and FLN devices

  • Perform database backup and restoration locally from ALN and FLN devices

  • Describe point addressing schemes for ALN and FLN devices

  • Create and command points at the ALN level

  • Use Point Monitor, Point Log and Subpoint Log to display point information

  • Command subpoints at the FLN level

  • Identify the three types of subpoints in a TEC

  • Analyze the sequence of operations for Variable Air Volume and Constant Volume TECs for both P1 and MS/TP FLNs

  • Display FLN subpoint information at the field panel

  • Identify and describe the function of and interaction between and different memory types in a TEC

Topics covered in this class include:

  • APOGEE Automation System

  • Datamate Advanced

  • Terminal Emulation

  • System Profile

  • Database Operations

  • Point Operations

  • DDC Networking

  • FLN Hardware

  • Memory and Configuration Operations

  • Knowledge Assessment

  • Skills Assessment

Prerequisites: ST 105 - Introduction to Terminal Equipment Controllers

Course Length: 3.5 Days

CEUs: 2.7

Additional Information: This course covers proprietary and BACnet protocols

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