ST 501 - Desigo CC Refresher

Overview: Refresh your knowledge on the Desigo CC Management Station. You will interact with a live online instructor and other students to work through real-world scenarios using Desigo CC. This course is comprised of two 2 hour sessions that are taught virtually.

Participants: For users of Desigo CC who need to refresh their skills on the current market package of the Desigo CC Management Station. This course is optional and not required to earn Master Operator status.

Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Use various treatment options to acknowledge and reset alarms including Fast Treatment and Assisted Event Treatment

  • Demonstrate how to command and release points that are displayed on a graphic

  • Create new and open existing trends

  • Identify differences between Offline and Online trends

  • Explain Trend View Definitions and how to create and use them in reports

  • Demonstrate how to use the Log Viewer to find specific information and save as a report template

  • Demonstrate how to open and run reports in Desigo CC

  • Modify multiple elements of the report

  • Configure the report output definition to execute a report to a PDF or email to a recipient

  • Modify intrinsic alarm configurations and create Event Enrollment objects

  • Use notification class objects to route alarms to a specific event lamp

  • Create new and modify existing schedules

  • Build a BACnet calendar object and apply that object to a BACnet schedule

  • Identify the Graphics Editor layout

  • Demonstrate how to associate a graphical symbol to a field panel point

  • Add icons to a graphic

  • Utilize Simple, Linear and Discrete Evaluations

  • Create Desigo CC Users

  • Configure Desigo CC Security Groups

  • Explain the purpose of Scopes

  • Identify when and where to use Scopes

  • Create new and modify existing Scopes

  • Explain how Remote Notifications send messages to recipients

  • Create new and modify existing Remote Notifications

Topics covered in the class include:

  • Alarm Configuration

  • Graphics Editor

  • Trending

  • Reports

  • Scopes

Prerequisites: Completion of the ST 9203 - Desigo CC Workstation I course is recommend

Course Length: 4 Hours

CEUs: .4 CEUs

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