ST 500 - Desigo CC Reports

Overview: Learn to effectively use the Desigo CC Report application and its associated features. This course is comprised of three 90 minute sessions that are taught virtually.

Participants: For users of Desigo CC who need to retrieve data from the Desigo CC SQL database and display it in a meaningful manner.

Objectives: Upon completion of the class, you should be able to:

  • Navigate the Desigo CC Management Station

  • Access the Reports application

  • Create a new report folder

  • Open a preexisting report

  • Run a report to be displayed within the Desigo CC Management Station

  • Navigate the report panes and explore various viewing options

  • Convert and save a report as a PDF file

  • Add graphics, trends or log viewer definitions to a report

  • Adjust a report formatting to include font, layout and page setup

  • Add a personalized logo to your report

  • Generate filters for some of the more commonly used reports

  • Accurately filter and display appropriate information

  • Setup report output routing

  • Execute reports as a PDF, Excel or CSV file

  • Save, email or print a report upon execution

Topics covered in the class include:

  • Basic Navigation

  • Run a Report

  • Modify an Existing Report

  • Adjust Report Data Filters

  • Execute a Report

Prerequisites: Completion of the ST 9203 - Desigo CC Workstation I course is recommended

Course Length: 4.5 Hours

CEUs: .6 CEUs

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