ST 9254 – Desigo CC Workstation II

Overview: Building on Desigo CC Workstation I, you will learn how to build and modify system objects. A scenario-based skills assessment at the end of the course allows you to put into practice the knowledge you have learned.

Participants: For advanced users whose role is to create and modify graphics, security groups and user accounts.

Objectives: Upon successful completion of the course, you should be able to:

  • Modify intrinsic alarm settings

  • Create Event Enrollment objects

  • Create Notification Class objects

  • Properly route alarms in the system

  • Interpret the system schedule

  • Modify an existing schedule

  • Build a system schedule

  • Create exceptions to a schedule

  • Build a calendar to be used as an exception

  • Navigate the Desigo CC Graphics Editor

  • Modify an existing graphics

  • Add system points to a graphic

  • Associate system points to a graphical symbol

  • Place text on a graphic

  • Use the evaluation editor

  • Understand how Desigo CC uses the address book

  • Add entries to the address book

  • Create new uses

  • Build security groups

  • Configure security settings

  • Use the log viewer to locate historical data

  • Apply filters to locate specific data

  • Customize the log viewer layout

  • Export the log viewer results to a report template

  • Modify a report

  • Add data tables, graphics and trend plots to a report

  • Output a report

  • Create new scopes

  • Use scopes to control user access to system objects

  • Monitor an active Remote Notification

  • Modify an existing Remote Notification

  • Create a new Remote Notification

  • Configure contact and escalation rules

Topics covered in the class include:

  • Alarm Configuration

  • Scheduling

  • Graphics

  • Address Book

  • Log Viewer and Reports

  • Users and Security Groups

  • Scopes

  • Remote Notification

  • Knowledge Assessment

  • Skills Assessment

Prerequisites:  ST 9203 - Desigo CC Workstation I

Course Length: 3.5 days

CEUs: 2.7

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